The Times of India – Hyderabad Times. Wednesday 19.12.2018

The second edition of the three-day Telangana International  ..

The second edition of the three-day Telangana International Bengali Film Festival — Aayna 2018, that celebrated 100 years of Bengali cinema ended on a high at LV Prasads Lab Preview Theatre. A total of 11 films were screened at the festival including two unreleased films, Biplab Aaj O Kaal and Unicorn. Bengali actors and filmmakers, including Dev, Chiranjeet, Jaya PradaRukmini MaitraApu Biswas, directors Arindam Sil and Atanu Bose, made their presence felt at the event. The Bengali stars were nostalgic as they spoke about their connect with Hyderabad.

Needless to say, Bengalis residing in the city had a gala time bonding over some great films in their mother tongue. “The second edition of the festival has had a bigger dimension and people belonging to the Bengali community in the city got to see many stars of Bengali cinema. The association with artistes and films from Bangladesh indeed made the event memorable,” said Sumit Sen, one of the curators of the festival.

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